Windmill At Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan


Double-Barrel Peace signs man. Wind Power in Dearborn, Michigan.

The story goes that the Farris Windmill was moved a few times. It was brought up to it’s present location here Dearborn Michigan by the Ford Dealers of USA and Canada.  It was then presented as a gift to Henry Ford, for The Henry Ford Village projects! Dearborn, Michigan, gotta’ love her hidden ancient history, present-era USA history, and the vision for the future still to come.

Farris Windmill’s original builders were up in Cape Cod. Plenty of Atlantic Ocean winds blowing across the cape to capture…for the mill’s good work.

Close-up bumble bee on yellow dandelions ©K.HAZAMY PHOTOS

Darley-Lions and Bumble Bees in Colorado!

Raw photos of good wild foods! Look out your door. What is growing? If it’s unsprayed see if what Nature is growing under your nose, might be your medicine and food! Dandelion leaves are bitter. Modern people barely ever get healthy bitter foods any more. My aunt says it’s good for my liver. Research shows dandelion to be helpful in many ways.

Pick ’em. Wash ’em. Here’s a quick recipe for a Big Wild Dandelion Salad:(from my aunt.)

Main Ingredients: Fresh-picked bunch of Dandelion leaves. Washed.

1-2 Vidalia  Onions peeled and sliced thinly.

Whole Bunch of celery washed and chopped into slices.

Directions: Drop each ingredient, by turn, into boiling water to blanch. I do each separately.

Lifting them out as done to my taste, and setting them in my big mixing bowl.

( Time each ingredient for a  minute  or 5, depending how crunchy you like things. )

Once all 3 ingredients are in the  big mixing bowl.

Add some good quality, clean Tamari (Soy sauce), some toasted Sesame oil, and toasted sesame seeds. to taste. This stores great in fridge for a few days.



yellow dandelions

Darley-Lions and Bumble Bees! © K.HAZAMY (#1 of 4)

bumble bee on yellow dandelions

Darley-Lions and Bumble Bees! ©K.HAZAMY (#2 of 4)

Yellow dandelions in a green field

Darley-Lions and Bumble Bees! ©K.HAZAMY (#3 of 4 )

yellow dandelions with bees in yard

Darley-Lions and Bumble Bees! ©K.HAZAMY (#4 of 4)